Success story

So for years I’ve been struggling with weight…the same old story as I’m sure you’ve heard before. I lose a bunch of weight just to gain it all back again. When I was in my middle 40’s I said I was going to be fit by the time I hit 50! That was my goal and I struggled with hitting my target and my fit and 50 passed on by.

So about 1 1/2 years ago I decided that I had had enough. I was tired of playing mind games with myself. Thinking I’ve had a good day and really hadn’t. So I started calculating my food intake. I went on a really strict diet and then I finally found Keto. I finally succeeded. I’ve lost almost 75 pounds.

I had an event that I was going to attend in November so of course I had to go and purchase a few wardrobe items as none of my clothes were fitting anymore. I went into the store and a really nice clerk helped me pick out a few things. She brought me a size 6 pants…I told her there was no way I would even be close to wearing that size. She said to me well just try them on and I thought ok why not, she’ll be heading back to the shelves to get me a bigger size for sure. I used to wear a 1X plus size and there was no way I was fitting into a 6. So I tried them on….and they fit like they were custom made just for me. WOW what a feeling!! I was so thrilled with myself and really proud that I was capable of losing that much weight.

Everyday is still a struggle…I still have to watch what I eat and drink…if I don’t pay attention I gain it back…my hubby has been home this past week and we’ve been busy with socializing and eating out and I’m already up 3 pounds. I have set a goal for myself on the “top” limit I will weigh, so today I’m working on losing that 3 pounds.

My hubby has joined me in the weight loss battle. He’s dropped 45 pounds in about 3 months. We both feel amazing and never want to go back to the way we were.

I guess my point to this rant is: Never give up, always pay attention to how your feeling, why and what you are eating.

We have decided to start working out….just a little bit- but it’s a start.

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